Patricia’s transformation Journey

Hard work, persistence, and determination describe Patricia Esaba, a beneficiary from Buckner Bungoma Family Hope Centre, located in Bisunu village, Sirisia Sub County in Bungoma County. The mother of one is an avid farmer, a wife, and a mother of three. She experienced challenges in life before interacting with family coaches from the program. Her semi-permanent house was dilapidated and lacked enough space to fit all family members.

Being the firstborn in her family exposed her to be responsible at a young age and gave her the task of taking care of her six siblings. Patricia’s life at school was not smooth as would be expected. Her parents are peasant farmers whose income was not sufficient enough to take care of all their needs. However, she gave her level best at school and managed to work as a house manager, so that she could raise funds to cater for her campus education, although she did not complete her studies.

“We were many in the family and my parents could not manage to raise my school fees, therefore, I was forced to work in people’s homes so that I can raise money for my school fees. I studied up to college level, but unfortunately did not manage to finish, since I fell pregnant and decided to take care of my family,” says Patricia

Transformational journey

Patricia’s life took a different twist after family coaches from the program conducted an assessment. She was experiencing challenges in; limited support systems, knowledge of parenting, and child development, and lacked parental resilience. The family coaches organized counseling sessions to help address the challenges. She was willing and ready to attend a four-month training session and was equipped with knowledge on how to take care of herself and her children.

The strain experienced by Patricia in providing basic needs for her children at the initial engagement point was addressed by family coaches. Patricia received manna packs and clothing to supplement her casual work earning. Meeting other members of the group and engaging in group activities not only lifted Patricia’s self-esteem but also encouraged her that there are other people going through similar experiences in life. Patricia engaged with the members and made friends with whom they could share experiences. Through the help of family coaches, Patricia learned about soap making and adopted it as a business. Besides that, her husband has been supportive of the projects that Patricia engages in such as farming and cloth selling business.

“Patricia’s life has changed since her interaction with Buckner Kenya. She has improved her farming business and managed to construct a two-bedroom permanent house. She also bought a cow that produces milk for home consumption and sale, we are inspired by her growth,” says a family coach from the program.

Patricia’s cloth business is doing well and she aspires to work hard and later open a retail shop in one of the busy towns. Appreciative of the change in her family, Patricia is now in control of what she knows as a result of the knowledge and skills acquired.

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