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About Buckner Kenya

Buckner Kenya is registered in Kenya as an NGO to transform the lives of vulnerable children, and build strong families. Since 2001 Buckner Kenya has maximized on resources and leadership and witnessed exponential growth and expansion in service delivery to the vulnerable.

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Providing focused holistic training and opportunities for sustainable livelihood.

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We engage, equip, elevate and strengthen families in our Hope Centres.

Community Programs

 Providing  highly specialized community driven approaches in health, education, business skills and family coaching services.


We are Buckner Kenya, a non-profit organization that offers a variety of services to children and families to build socio-economic skills  to succeed in life.




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We acknowledge that offering educational scholarships, medical supplies, clothing, foodstuff, stationery and sanitary towels to children and families through Buckner Kenya is the first step of their transformational journey. Donate today!

News from Our Blog

  • 21/09/2020 - Bertha Lutome 0 Comments
    The Dawning Reality of COVID-19 Pandemic

    Tears, sad faces, and malnourished bodies welcome us to Jeniffer Lukoye's house in Nairobi's Dandora slum. She is a woman in distress, following the current situation that has grown drastically from an epidemic to a pandemic, rendering her jobless, hopeless, and frustrated.


    Lack of enough food for the family sounds like a luxury, compared to spending the night and day on an empty stomach, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought the country and the world at large on their knees.


    The closure of learning institutions by the government placed a hot nail on her fresh wound. She now has nine mouths to feed, despite living from hand to mouth, before the pandemic. Two of her children were also rendered jobless, and her husband works as a casual laborer to make ends meet reports to work on countable occasions, due to strict measures on social distancing that was installed by the government.


    "I am a woman in distress. This pandemic has made me loose hope and trust in everything, including God. I am hopeless. I moved from living from hand to mouth to spending most of my days on an empty stomach. My grandchildren are malnourished since they don't eat a balanced diet," said Jenifer.


    Not knowing any other best way to express their feelings, the children are always in tears demanding food, currently a rare commodity in the homestead. On a lucky day, they can afford two meals a day, and it does not count whether they adhere to nutritional value or not; of importance is to ease the discomfort caused by hunger.


     She can no longer seek help from relatives since movement is restricted, and each day presents its challenges. Running out of options, Jennifer made a call to the Nairobi Family Hope Centre, seeking help for her current need, which was food.


    Bearing in mind the current hard economic times, Buckner Kenya's Nairobi Family Hope Centre, responded immediately to her situation and offered her food for the family. Jennifer received three packets of manna packs, three parcels of maize flour, and two packages of green grams as a short-term solution to the prevailing circumstance. Members of her family could not hold but bear the tears of joy that rolled down their cheeks, upon the foodstuff's receipt. Her grandchildren were overwhelmed by the fact that they will have something to eat, not just for the day, but weeks to come.


    "I am very greatful to Buckner Kenya for providing me with food. I am glad that my family has something to eat, after spending days on an empty stomach. Most of us had lost hope in life, but your help has revealed to us that their is light at the end of the tunnel and our future is bright," said Jeniffer.


    Buckner Nairobi Family Hope Centre is optimistic that Jeniffer's family will acquire good health as they try to make lemonades from lemons. 



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  • 14/09/2020 - Bertha Lutome 0 Comments
    Virtual Learning Made Fun and Easy

    Buckner Kenya echoes sentiments by former South African President, Nelson Mandela, that “Education is the only weapon that can be used to transform the world,” Just as the Not for profit organization looks forward to transforming lives and building strong families, the education sector has been made fun and easy, despite the COVID-19 pandemic that led to the closure of schools in the country, in March this year.


    Thousands of pupils schooling in different Buckner schools at Hope Buckner Community School in Bungoma, Mudoma ECDE in Busia, Baptist Preparatory School in Nairobi, Seed of Hope Academy in Kitale, and Reynolds Community school in Cherangany have received equal access to learning materials, through various social media platforms.


    The learners, interact freely with their teachers, through text messages, phone calls and videos shared on WhatsApp. The fact that most people living in these areas live below the poverty line leaves many students in limbo, especially those whose parents cannot afford smartphones, however, Buckner Kenya has encouraged the practice of sharing gadgets, to ensure that all learners gain access to learning materials as well as submit assignments online.


    “All our learners have gone through virtual training, during this pandemic, to ensure that most of them are up to date, as well as reduce chances of engaging in misleading acts, now that most children are at home, and as you all know, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. They receive assignments through social media platforms and interact with their teachers, online. A move that has enabled us to cover the better part of our syllabus.” Said Henry, headteacher at Hope Buckner Community School in Bungoma.


    The grade eight learners at all the schools sat for Buckner Kenya schools’ exams, with most of the learners, posting excellent results in Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Science, and Social Studies.


    Buckner Kenya provides access to quality affordable education, to most children from vulnerable families across the country.


    The rising number of COVID-19 cases in Kenya has left most learners in limbo, with those expected to seat for their national examination this year, being the most affected, since the schools have been shut down for the better part of the year.


    A report submitted to the Ministry of Health however reveals light at the end of the tunnel, as the grade eight candidates are likely to report to school in October this year, and seat for their national examination in April next year.  

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  • 11/09/2020 - Bertha Lutome 0 Comments
    Offering Psychosocial Support to Families Suffering under the Yoke of Poverty

    The sudden change in trends of life has drastically affected the lives of many, as everyone struggles to adjust to the new normal. Kenya has experienced an increased number of domestic violence cases, with the majority of the affected families, blaming it on the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that has left many people depressed.


    Buckner Kenya, through its programs located in Bungoma, Busia, Nairobi, and Trans Nzoia (Kitale and Cherangany) counties continues to provide thousands of families suffering under the yoke of poverty, a shoulder to lean on. Case managers provide the affected families with skills for economic independence and grant them room for social participation. They secure existential needs to ensure that they acquire good health, hygiene, nutrition, and shelter, as well as take them through stress management skills.


    Imelda Simiyu is a 25-year-old resident of Bungoma county. The mother of seven suffered depression for the better part of her life, with getting married at an early age being the foundation of her entangling state. The choking poverty that sought ‘refuge’ at their homestead prompted her to get married to several people while looking for a soft landing.


    One in every four women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, yet this is still one of the most under-recognized pandemics of our time, with even less consideration given to how it affects the children who witness or suffer through it. For Imelda and her children, the effect was their separation at that critical stage when children needed their mother the most. 


    Her interaction with Buckner Bungoma Family Hope Centre revealed light at the end of the tunnel. She went through several counselling sessions that have enabled her to make lemonades from lemons and grow tougher when life gets tough.


    “Life was very tough for me, before my interaction with Buckner Kenya. Lack of a stable source of income led me into a depression since I was the sole breadwinner of my family. I am grateful to Buckner Kenya for walking with me through my journey to success. I have developed a tough skin and can comfortably handle what I thought was impossible,” said Imelda. 


    Buckner Bungoma Family Hope Centre keeps shining hope in the lives of thousands of people, the young, old, ladies, and gentlemen. All of them have been offered humanitarian aid, to ensure they live healthy lives, during this pandemic.


    “Buckner Bungoma Family Hope Centre continues to cultivate quality relationships with communities as we represent the image of Christ in modeling hope withing Bungoma County.” Said Pamela, a case manager at Buckner Bungoma Family Hope Centre. Adding, “We have and continue to support vulnerable families through humanitarian aid, a bridge through which solid relations have been founded and cemented as we pursue potential family coaching clients in our quest to transform lives,”


    More than 2,000 individuals have benefited from food support, facemasks, clean water for domestic use, hand washing soap as well as cash support via mobile money transfers (M-PESA). A move that has transformed the lives of thousands of people and reduced the crime rate in most affected areas in the county.


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