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About Buckner Kenya

Buckner Kenya is registered in Kenya as an NGO to transform the lives of vulnerable children, and build strong families. Since 2001 Buckner Kenya has maximized on resources and leadership and witnessed exponential growth and expansion in service delivery to the vulnerable.

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Empowerment Programs

Providing focused holistic training and opportunities for sustainable livelihood.

Family Programs

We engage, equip, elevate and strengthen families in our Hope Centres.

Community Programs

 Providing  highly specialized community driven approaches in health, education, business skills and family coaching services.


We are Buckner Kenya, a non-profit organization that offers a variety of services to children and families to build socio-economic skills  to succeed in life.




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  • Provide a loving home to an at-risk child
  • Give humanitarian aid
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  • Internship opportunities
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We acknowledge that offering educational scholarships, medical supplies, clothing, foodstuff, stationery and sanitary towels to children and families through Buckner Kenya is the first step of their transformational journey. Donate today!

News from Our Blog

  • 25/04/2022 - Bertha Lutome 0 Comments
    Hope Shines at Hope Buckner Community School

    Faith, hope, patience, and persistence are what give learners and teachers of Hope Buckner Community School in Bungoma the desire to push and win. The school emerged among the top-performing schools in Bungoma County, in the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) with a mean score of 322.


     “We are proud of our teachers and all the 31 learners who sat for their national examination this year. It warms our hearts that none of them scored below 270 marks out of the possible 500 and they will all join great schools like Chewoyet Boys, Bungoma High school, and Bunyore Girls among others,” says Henry Namisano, headteacher


    The school not only offers education and mentorship sessions to the learners but also empowers them with the power of self-identity, hence boosting their self-esteem.


    “This school has taught me to accept myself, know who I am, and everything that I can do well. I am grateful to everyone who took me through the journey of self-realization and ignited my dream of becoming an engineer in the future so that I can have a better life. I am requesting my teachers to keep nurturing the leaders of tomorrow and keep up with the good work,” says Alphine Simiyu, a top pupil at Hope Buckner Community School.


    Buckner Kenya aims at improving the lives of the people of Bisunu village, by offering quality and affordable education services. The school offers a conducive learning environment for the learners by offering them comfortable seats and desks, certified teachers, a playground, and learning materials.


    “Education is the best gift that we can offer to the people of Bisunu village, the power of education is strong since it can take our children to places that we could not go and also make them meet people that we are not able to meet, and as we all know, your network, is your net worth. Therefore, Buckner Kenya will offer the top learners’ cheques to encourage them to work hard in school and become successful people in the society,” says Masindano, Executive Country Director, Buckner Kenya.


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  • 21/04/2022 - Bertha Lutome 0 Comments
    Reynolds Community School Shines in Cherang’any

    Buckner Kenya celebrates Reynolds Community School’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) class of 2021 for their excellent performance and emerging top school in Cherang’any Sub-County, for the fourth time in a row.


    The class of 51 learners had a mean score of 313 marks, with the top students joining St Joseph's National School Kitale, Friends School Kamusinga, St Monicah’s Kitale, St Joseph’s Girls Kitale, St. Marks Cherang’any, and St. Anthony’s Kitale among others. They were awarded one term of fully paid school fees from Buckner Kenya’s Executive Country Director, Dickson Masindano.


    “Congratulations to the class of 2021 and thank you for making Buckner proud. Our dream is to see our children excel in their education and that is why our teachers lay a strong foundation for them. A foundation that is not just based on education but also on spiritual values. We are excited that we have a 100 percent form one transition since our learners performed well. I, therefore, wish to congratulate them by paying for their school fees for the first term, so that they report to their respective secondary schools,” Says Masindano


    According to Victor Wasilwa, a former student at the school, consistent success comes from putting God first in everything, passion to learn new things, support from the teachers and non-teaching staff as well as discipline. 


    “I have had the best experience in this school and I must admit that I was lucky to secure a place at Reynolds as a learner. We received support from our teachers and other members of staff here, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. These people made education fun and we would all look forward to reporting to school. Our teachers trained us to work smart and always aim high, this is one great lesson that I will take with me to high school and other levels of education,” says Victor


    “I am proud to be an alumnus of Reynolds community school and will forever be great full to my teachers and the entire Buckner fraternity for being a pillar that we would lean on every day. The school had the best facilities and a conducive environment that every learner would want to study in. God bless Buckner Kenya,” says Sharon


    The ECD also stated that the school is preparing for Junior high, according to the new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). A move that will see the construction of new classes to accommodate learners. 


    “We are preparing ourselves for junior high and the first step to that is constructing new classrooms that will accommodate current learners who are transitioning to junior high. Charity begins at home, and that is why we contracted someone from this community to help oversee and spearhead the project. This will be easy for us because the contractor understands clearly the challenges that people from Hututu and its environs encounter. The only legacy that we can leave behind is educating our children. They will build this nation and appreciate where they come from,” says Masindano


    Reynolds Community school has a fully equipped library, computer lab, adequate classrooms, comfortable desks, and playground and offers transportation services to learners.


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  • 07/03/2022 - Bertha Lutome 0 Comments
    Pre-primary two Graduation Ceremony

    27 Preprimary two (PP2) learners have today graduated from Buckner Kenya’s Baptist Preparatory School in Nairobi, after the successful completion of Pre primary 1 (PP1) and 2 levels of the Competence-Based Curriculum.  The one-day event was graced by Dickson Masindano, the Executive Country Director, and Rosemary Wasilwa, Buckner Kenya’s Director of Programs.


    The graduation ceremony was a beehive of activities, with learners showcasing their talents and levels of creativity through songs, dance, and memory verses. Buckner Kenya aims at providing quality and affordable education to children from vulnerable families across the country as well as laying a strong Christian foundation.


    “We will ensure that our learners learn well. Our teachers will give them all that they need so that they succeed in life. This is the best environment for your child to study because all our teachers are qualified and certified, the school environment is also conducive, and above all, we ensure that they are taught the word of God, hence developing a firm Christian foundation for our children,” Said Masindano


    PP1 and PP2 are early levels of education in the new curriculum in Kenya and learners are taken through key subjects like; Christian Religious Education (CRE), Language Activities, Islamic Activities, Psychomotor – Creative Arts, Environmental Activities, Kiswahili Language Activities, and Mathematical Activities. These subjects are key in helping them communicate with people from different cultures as well as boost their levels of creativity and nurture talents.


    “We try to make them independent when they are in PP2 so that they can know early enough how to solve issues as well as become responsible citizens. We have taught them to share, to say sorry when they wrong someone and also say thank you,” said Christine, a teacher at Baptist Preparatory School.


    Buckner Kenya team wishes all graduands the very best in life.

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