From darkness into light- Transformational story of Marita.

Joy bursts on the face of 62 year old Marita Wamukota as shares her transformational journey- A renewal she almost lost to poverty. 

Today, Marita is a happy and healthy widow leaving in an iron sheet thatched house, caring for her 8 grandchildren. A dream she thought would never be a reality before she enrolled for family coaching at Buckner Bungoma Family Hope Center in Bisunu village.

“I am so happy that I was introduced to Buckner Kenya. My life has been transformed and my neighbours can bear me witness. Leaving in a grass thatched house with cracked walls and a leaking roof was a night mare for my grandchildren and I,” Marita says. 

“The social workers at the FHC empowered me economically, they taught me how to venture into profit making business and take care of my family.That gives me the zeal and energy to run my business daily.”

Buckner Kenya‘s mission of transforming lives and building strong families is made possible through empowerment programs conducted by social workers in all Family Hope Centres located in 5 central counties in Kenya.

Buckner Kenya is giving families like Marita’s the skills and resources needed to generate income and make ends meet for their families.

“We engage with most families that are almost giving up with life because they are not able to meet their demands. Step by step we walk with them in the journey towards transformation and encourage them to believe in themselves because they hold the key to a bright future on their hands,” Says Robinson, team leader Bungoma FHC.

Robinson acknowledges that the clients are taught on the importance of saving as an essential element in life.

“Most families that enrolled for coaching in this facility are now running their businesses. The profit acquired from their businesses is then saved in the Buckner SACCO. They are then allowed to apply for loans to expand their businesses thereafter.” He says

For Marita, saving the profit she acquired from subsistence farming with Buckner SACCO has enabled her to build a new house, increased her livestock and bought goats as well pay school fees for her grandchildren.

“I am glad that I now leave in a comfortable house, the financial empowerment knowledge I received from Buckner Kenya as well as a loan from the SACCO has enabled me to provide for my grandchildren. I am able to run my business well.” she says



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