Hope Shines at Hope Buckner Community School

Faith, hope, patience, and persistence are what give learners and teachers of Hope Buckner Community School in Bungoma the desire to push and win. The school emerged among the top-performing schools in Bungoma County, in the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) with a mean score of 322.


 “We are proud of our teachers and all the 31 learners who sat for their national examination this year. It warms our hearts that none of them scored below 270 marks out of the possible 500 and they will all join great schools like Chewoyet Boys, Bungoma High school, and Bunyore Girls among others,” says Henry Namisano, headteacher


The school not only offers education and mentorship sessions to the learners but also empowers them with the power of self-identity, hence boosting their self-esteem.


“This school has taught me to accept myself, know who I am, and everything that I can do well. I am grateful to everyone who took me through the journey of self-realization and ignited my dream of becoming an engineer in the future so that I can have a better life. I am requesting my teachers to keep nurturing the leaders of tomorrow and keep up with the good work,” says Alphine Simiyu, a top pupil at Hope Buckner Community School.


Buckner Kenya aims at improving the lives of the people of Bisunu village, by offering quality and affordable education services. The school offers a conducive learning environment for the learners by offering them comfortable seats and desks, certified teachers, a playground, and learning materials.


“Education is the best gift that we can offer to the people of Bisunu village, the power of education is strong since it can take our children to places that we could not go and also make them meet people that we are not able to meet, and as we all know, your network, is your net worth. Therefore, Buckner Kenya will offer the top learners’ cheques to encourage them to work hard in school and become successful people in the society,” says Masindano, Executive Country Director, Buckner Kenya.



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