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  • 09/04/2020 - Bertha Lutome 0 Comments
    Extending a helping hand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    More than 46 families from Hututu village in Cherangany Subcounty have today received manna packs from Buckner Cherangany Family Hope Centre, amid the ongoing Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. 

    The one-day event saw more than 406 packets of manna pack distributed to Family Hope Centre family coaching clients, Kinship care clients, residents of Hututu village and the neighbouring community.

    Buckner Kenya’s Executive Country Director Dickson Masindano acknowledges the move taken by social workers to shine hope in the lives of many, especially during this time, when the country’s economy is dwindling.

    “Our social workers are more than ready to offer food to the vulnerable in the communities that we serve and even outside. We understand that most people survive on a dollar a day and depend on casual labour for a living, but have now been disrupted by this pandemic, that has led to the closure of some open-air markets,” said Dickson.

    Mr Masindano also encouraged members of the community to adhere to governments directives on combating COVID-19.

    Jackline Muindi, a 67-year-old mother of nine and grandmother of four, visited Buckner Kenya’s Family Hope Centre in Cherangany while  in dire need of food for his family. Jackline is used to spending most nights on an empty stomach, and smoke emerges from her small, round, grass-thatched kitchen, once in a blue moon.

    “I am very grateful to Buckner Kenya for giving me food. I didn’t know what my children would have for dinner today since I don’t have money to purchase food. We only took porridge yesterday and have not taken any other food, my grandchildren have lost weight drastically, but I am glad that this meal will put a smile on their face. May God Bless Buckner Kenya," said Jackline.

    Judith Nafula, an FHC client from the program who depends on small scale farming to make ends meet, was left in a dilemma following a 7:00 pm curfew that was enacted by the government. Judith would hawk her produce in the community until late in the night; she now has no option other than watching her products rote in the shamba due to lack of clients.

    “Saying thank you is not enough for me to show my gratitude to Buckner Kenya for the support. I will continue praying for its leaders, donors and members of staff to continue transforming the lives of many, globally. I will always share the good deeds that Buckner has done for me wherever I go,” said Judith.

    Most residents of Trans Nzoia county depend on maize farming, with a handful majoring on dairy and horticultural farming.

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    100 percent form one transition.

    Buckner Kenya’s Executive Country Director, Dickson Masindano has issued scholarships to more than 20 bright and needy students who sat for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in 2019 from Buckner schools.

    Speaking during a thanks giving ceremony at Hope Buckner Community School in Bungoma, the director guaranteed all parents who are not able to raise school fees for their children, his support. A move that will ensure, all students gain admission to several high schools in the country.

    “I am glad that most pupils from all Buckner Kenya run schools attained good grades. We are more than willing to support students whose parents cannot raise money for school fees and other basic needs such as shoes,” Said Mr. Masindano adding, “Buckner Kenya’s goal is to transform lives, that is why we want to ensure that all students who sat for their national exam from any of our schools, join secondary school. This is the only way the pupils can transform the society,”

    Emma Akoth, a former student at Reynolds Community School in Cherangany is one of the scholarship beneficiaries. She scored 450 marks out of the possible 500 and secured a chance at Asumbi Girls High School.

    “I am grateful to Buckner Kenya for granting me a scholarship to pursue my studies at a national school. It takes a lot of sacrifice, prayers and hard work for one to attain good grades. I am also grateful to my teachers who sharpened my English and Swahili writing skills. When I joined the school in ECDE, the only language that I was well conversant with, was my mother tongue. One of the greatest achievements that I have attained from this school is that, I scored straight A’s in both languages,” said Emma.

    Buckner Kenya’s Reynolds Community school in Cherangany, Hope Buckner Community School in Bungoma, Seed of Hope Academy in Kitale and Baptist Preparatory School in Nairobi’s Dandora slums, produced excellent results, with most students gaining admission at top national schools in the country including; Lugulu Girls High School, Friends School Kamusinga, St Lukes Kimilili Boys, St Mary’s Kibabii Boys High School, St Josephs Girls Kitale, Tartar Girls, Turkana Girls, Chewoiyet Boys and Asumbi Girls High School.


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    Buckner Kenya shines hope in the lives of 22 beneficiaries.

    The early Saturday morning was beautiful with its vast flow of clarity: The iota of low-level sky-blue clouds that were spread-out to the horizon signified the start of a bright future for 22 Buckner Kenya beneficiaries.

    Buckner Kenya’s Executive Country Director Dickson Masindano graced the successful transitioning of Buckner Kenya’s scholarship beneficiaries from Buckner Kitale Family Hope Centre (SOH) and Buckner Cherangany Family Hope Centre (Reynolds).

    The Champions of Hope were admitted in to the Buckner Programs at a tender age and have successfully graduated with various Diploma and Degree awards from different institutions of higher learning in Kenya.

    “I am glad that Buckner Kenya has transformed the lives of many children in this country, through funding that we receive from donors. The funding has helped in educating and providing basic needs for thousands of children who hail from vulnerable family backgrounds in Kenya. We are very grateful to the donors,” said Mr Masindano “ I would like to encourage all the beneficiaries who have transitioned from the program to keep up with the spirit of hard work and always look at the sunny side of life, I promise to help them when a job opportunity arises,”

    Demise of parents, neglect, lack of school fees and poor living conditions prompted the admission of majority of the children into the foster and kinship care program.

    Buckner Kenya through its social workers ensured that they were taken to good schools, paid their school fees, provided them with basic needs including books and clothes and gave them upkeep to facilitate their stay in school.

    Valentine Mogire, a graduate teacher of literature and sign language acknowledged that joining Buckner Kenya revealed a sense of restoration in her life, she has gradually moved from living in rags to living in riches.

    “I was living a miserable life before I got recruited to Buckner Kenya. I wore tone clothes, I lacked school fees and lived in a house that had a leaking roof. I am glad that joining Buckner Kenya transformed my life. I have also grown spiritually and successfully gone through school and graduated with a Degree, despite the fact that most people knew that I was a failure and thought that I would end up being a house manager,” said Valentine

    The 22 are shinning examples to hundreds of beneficiaries under Buckner Kenya.

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    Embracing 5 STAR Customer Service.

    Buckner Kenya's members of staff are 5 stars in action.

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    Education to take them places.

    More than 100 Buckner Kenya school's pupils complete primary school education.

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    Transforming lives through new shoes.

    “With Buckner, the gift of shoes can be the first step in a transformational journey,” BSFOS. Thousands of pupils from Buckner Kenya Schools in the Western Region received new shoes and socks from Buckner Kenya, courtesy of Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls.

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    Reynolds Community School tops this year's Insha writing competition- Second time running.

    Buckner Kenya's Reynolds Community School in Cherangany has emerged winners of this year's Insha writing competition. The annual event saw all the 36 candidates compete for the top price, with three students emerging among the top ten in Western region. This is the second time that Reynolds School has produced top students in the essay writing competition. 

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    Buckner Kenya Schools; nurturing musical talents through Music Festivals

    The second term of every academic calendar year gives learners in primary, secondary and institutions of higher learning a golden opportunity to showcase their talents and the African culture through Music festivals. 

    Students compete and interact with their colleagues from different learning institutions at the zonal, county, regional and National levels. The three month event consists of musical activities such as oral verses (solo and choral), public speaking, singing games, folk songs and set pieces.

    Alex Abwabu, the Head teacher of Baptist Preparatory School in Nairobi concurs with the Ministry of Education by encouraging students to
    participate in the event.

    “We give our students a chance to participate in the music festivals because it is part of the new curriculum. Students also utilize their talents through song, dance and recitation of choral and solo verses,” says Teacher Alex

    Buckner Kenya schools (Baptist Preparatory School in Nairobi, Hope Buckner Community School in Bungoma, Seed of Hope Academy in Kitale, Reynolds Community School in Cherangany and Mudoma ECDE in Busia) have participated in the competition  for more than a decade.

    “The event also promotes interaction and exchange of forums.This has over the years created an impact in the lives of the students, they can now express themselves fluently and with confidence," says Teacher Alex.
    Kenya Schools Music Festival has been in existence for 92 years with the 93rd National Music festivals set for 5th of  August at Kabarak University in Nakuru county.

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    International Mission Trips

    More than 200 people choose to take mission trips with Buke Tours and Buckner Kenya annually. Here’s the secret.

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    Splendid hiking Experience on Mount Elgon National Park with Buke Tours

    Travel with Buke Tours& Travel to the hub of salt-mining Elephants, beautiful sceneries of caves and spectacular waterfalls bisected by the border of Kenya and Uganda.

    Mount Elgon National Park in the Western part of Kenya is one of the highly visited tourist attraction areas; owing to its unique cross border tourism feature, making it the ideal place for hiking.
    Tourists have the option of climbing the Mountain from the Kenyan side and sliding to Uganda or vice versa! Interesting right! The 169 Km² Park’s forest has distinct vegetation zones including;

    The Lush Montane Forest (2000m-2500m): This is a dry, highland, evergreen type forest of forest that has more than 100 species of epiphytic orchids, ferns and trailing lianas.
    Mixed Bamboo and Podocapus Zone (3000m-3500m): This zone has varieties of plants and animals in the mountain.
    Heath Zone (3000m-3500m): It consists of shrubby bush and beautiful wildflowers.
    Moorland Zone (3500m-4321m): This zone enjoys possession of different species of endemic plants on the mountain.
    When to go
    The park being on a mountain means there is a lot of rain experienced all year round. The best month to visit the park is December and February.
    What to take with you during the hike
    Plenty of drinking water, picnic items, waterproof gear, warm clothing, walking boots, and camping equipment’s.
    Park entry fee
    Citizen- Adult’s ksh 300, Children ksh215, Non-Resident- adults $ 26, children $17

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    ​From darkness into light- Transformational story of Marita.

    Joy bursts on the face of 62 year old Marita Wamukota as shares her transformational journey- A renewal she almost lost to poverty. 

    Today, Marita is a happy and healthy widow leaving in an iron sheet thatched house, caring for her 8 grandchildren. A dream she thought would never be a reality before she enrolled for family coaching at Buckner Bungoma Family Hope Center in Bisunu village.
    “I am so happy that I was introduced to Buckner Kenya. My life has been transformed and my neighbours can bear me witness. Leaving in a grass thatched house with cracked walls and a leaking roof was a night mare for my grandchildren and I,” Marita says. 

    “The social workers at the FHC empowered me economically, they taught me how to venture into profit making business and take care of my family.That gives me the zeal and energy to run my business daily.”

    Buckner Kenya‘s mission of transforming lives and building strong families is made possible through empowerment programs conducted by social workers in all Family Hope Centres located in 5 central counties in Kenya.

    Buckner Kenya is giving families like Marita’s the skills and resources needed to generate income and make ends meet for their families.

    “We engage with most families that are almost giving up with life because they are not able to meet their demands. Step by step we walk with them in the journey towards transformation and encourage them to believe in themselves because they hold the key to a bright future on their hands,” Says Robinson, team leader Bungoma FHC.
    Robinson acknowledges that the clients are taught on the importance of saving as an essential element in life.

    “Most families that enrolled for coaching in this facility are now running their businesses. The profit acquired from their businesses is then saved in the Buckner SACCO. They are then allowed to apply for loans to expand their businesses thereafter.” He says

    For Marita, saving the profit she acquired from subsistence farming with Buckner SACCO has enabled her to build a new house, increased her livestock and bought goats as well pay school fees for her grandchildren.
    “I am glad that I now leave in a comfortable house, the financial empowerment knowledge I received from Buckner Kenya as well as a loan from the SACCO has enabled me to provide for my grandchildren. I am able to run my business well.” she says

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    ​“We transform lives through Buckner Kenya schools,"

    Buckner Kenya has schools located in all the Family Hope Centers located across the country.

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    Aberdare Ranges safari package

    Located in the Aberdare mountain range is the Aberdare National Park. 

    Buke Tours and Travel now has the Aberdare package. The five day safari includes interesting activities like morning safari drive in Aberdare National Park, bush culinary experience, nature walks, bird watching, golf, hiking, horse riding, drive to Solio Game ranch and Ol Pajeta.

    Rate                                                                                     Fee
    East African Residents (adults)                                         1500 KSh

    East African students and children                                   500 KSh
    Non-resident adult                                                             USD$52
    Non-resident students and children                                   $26

    Best time to plan for this safari
    Long dry season between July and October is the best for a safari at the Aberdare ranges.

    Experience Kenya with Buke Tours.

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    Gut-busting family fun day

    Family fun day is important as it builds a strong family identity. Buckner Kenya looks at this special event as one that brings together clients undergoing family coaching, hence building a lifetime bound. Everyone looks forward to this day. It is one that you can't afford to miss! 

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  • 29/03/2019 - Steve Ogutu - Buckner Kenya 0 Comments
    Spiritual Means

    As a module, spiritual nourishment strengthens participants’ hope and faith in God as well as builds their courage in life.

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  • 29/03/2019 - Fridah Aura - Buckner Kenya 0 Comments
    Table Banking

    This concept is simply a group funding strategy where members of a group meet occasionally, place their savings, loan repayments and other contributions on the table before them and then proceed to borrow immediately either as long or short-term loans according to individual interest.

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  • 29/03/2019 - Stephen Gumba - Buckner Kenya 0 Comments
    Better Parenting

    Having grown up in a traditional world full of cultural norms has left most caregivers, guardians and parents very confused about what to do to raise children in the modern era of advanced technology.

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