Better Homes for the Vulnerable- Wazee Project

Proper housing is considered a necessity, for most people, across the globe, with the constitution of Kenya granting everyone the right to accessible, adequate housing, with a reasonable standard of sanitation. However, this is not the case in the lives of many people, most of whom live below the poverty line. One- fifth of the population, still lack a conducive place they can call home, hence, Buckner Kenya’s intervention.

Buckner Kenya transforms lives and builds healthy families, through the inception of the Wazee project, at Buckner Kitale Family Hope Centre-Seed of Hope. The program has so far seen three families acquire a clean, conducive place; they can call home.

Broad smiles filled the faces of two lucky Family Coaching clients after Buckner Kenya’s Executive Country Director, Dickson Masindano granted each one of them a two- bedroomed house, with an inbuilt Kitchen and a big sitting room, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Buckner Kenya supports marginalized and vulnerable people in the community, such as orphans, widows, the elderly and people living with a disability, by providing them with

conducive places, they can comfortably call home. We encourage the families that have received houses to practice small scale farming, and even rare chicken, to

make ends meet,” said Masindano.

The two lived in dilapidated, mud structured houses, in the outskirts of Kitale town. Their homes lacked proper ventilation and enough space to sleep or even have a chat with their friends and family.

“We are very grateful to Buckner Kenya for providing us with safe, conducive homes. We now have a place we can comfortably stay with our families; we can practice small

scale farming and eat fresh food. Our lives have been transformed,” said one of the beneficiaries.

A large population of Kenyans are exposed to diseases such as malaria, respiratory infections and parasitic jiggers since they reside in informal settlements.



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