Being Our Brother’s Keeper during the Pandemic

Buckner Kenya continues to support other organizations taking care of vulnerable children and families in Kenya, by providing them with manna packs, shoes, school supplies, clothes, and water filter buckets, during a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered most people hopeless. 


The organizations are situated in different parts of Nairobi, and just like Buckner Kenya, they also provide temporal shelter to children who are in dire need of care and protection, as they look for a permanent solution for them.


According to a representative of Imani Rehabilitation Agency, most children under their care lacked well-fitting shoes and enough school supplies that would see them attend classes comfortably when schools reopen.


“We are great full to Buckner Kenya for the support they have granted us, during this pandemic. The children that we care for are excited and happy to receive new shoes, that shows them that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and school supplies that they will use when schools reopen,” said a representative from Imani Rehabilitation Agency in Nairobi


Light and Hope Initiative is also an organization that takes care of vulnerable families in Kenya, by offering them food and clothing. 


“The donation you gave went a long way in lifting the families we serve, some who would have gone without food, were it not for the Buckner Kenya,” said a representative from the organization


Why children stay in residential facilities


Several vulnerable children in Kenya have gone through residential care because they lost their parents at a tender age and other family members couldn’t take care of them because of the poverty level in the family, while other children are abandoned in hospitals, market places, public parks, thickets, and even pit latrines and litter collection sites due to several factors such as Disabilities, HIV, poverty, unplanned pregnancies, rape or incest and lack of knowledge on parenting.