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Buckner Kenya Adoption Services is a registered adoption society in Kenya. The main objective is to facilitate adoption process so that the overwhelming numbers of children who have lost parents due to all causes find care. It is encouraging that an increasing number of Kenyans are turning to adoption by opening their hearts and homes and extending a hand of help to needy children.

Technically, adoption is the complete severance of the legal relationship between a child and his/her biological parent(s), birth family and the establishment of a new legal relationship between the child and his/her adoptive parent(s). The adoptive parents may choose to retain the child’s name or give a new name.

Adoption process is termed complete when an adoption order is given by the High Court. Once the verdict is made for it, all the parental rights and responsibilities are permanently transferred to the applicant(s). The adoption order is irrevocable.

Buckner Kenya Adoption Services provides professional advice services to Kenyan citizens, residents and inter-country applicants who wish to adopt.

The guiding principle to our activities is the best interest of the child as we believe that adoption is the greatest gift anyone can give to a child who needs to be brought up in a family set up.







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